LanLogon v2.0

 LanLogon v2.0

This is the LanLogon english site. [Ver a versão em Português]


LanLogon v2.0 is a software to save the password from your network shares and map them as network drives when you get connected to a specific network. As a bonus it does remove the drives when you disconnect from the specific network.

Works with Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8, versions: Starter, Home, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate.


The software uses the .net framework 4.0 Client Profile which can be installed by Windows Update or by downloads on the Microsoft website: [web_installer], [standalone_installer].

LanLogon can be downloaded there: [mirror_1_(US)], [mirror_2_(BR)], [mirror_3_(SkyDrive)].

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The software tries to be user friendly, it does run on the background with low priority without interrupting the user, the profiles setup screen is simple and the details are explained below:

  1. Enable profile. Easy: when enabled the drives will be mapped according to the configuration.
  2. Profile name. To remind you about this share.
  3. Network sharing path. Full network sharing path for the mapped drive.
  4. Mapped drive letter. Letter of the mapped share.
  5. Username, leave it empty if your network sharing doesn’t require an username.
  6. Password, leave it empty if your user doesn’t have a password.
  7. Match IP: This setting is cool! It checks if the network IP assigned to your machine matches this. For example with an IP like o