Broadcasting TV through your LAN (and Internet!)

Once I found this great piece of software which would allow we to stream my unencrypted cable TV content (with a proper mpeg2 analog card) to any Windows Media Player (or compatible player) over the lan (and even through the internet!) called U-Broadcast, and produced by Uticasoft.

It has been the best alternative I’ve found so far, because my “old” analog mpeg2 pci card is not compatible with Orb, MediaPortal and equivalent softwares. WebGuide 4 did work together with Media Center and the great thing is that it has EPG! but the bad side it quits streaming a software after its grid ends on EPG, so you have to re-start streaming the subsequent tv show instead of just having it flow.

I been happy with U-Broadcast but I wanted more! I wanted to change the channels on a remote client, like when I am watching TV over wifi on my notebook! So I started the development of a remote control which sends the commands to U-Broadcast software as if you were making the changes on the PC yourself! The result I share below:

The final suite contains:

  • A Server that interacts with U-Broadcast, changing channels, profiles, ports, etc;
  • A Client that connects to that Server and request channel changes, profiles, etc;
  • A List creator that helps sharing your new TV Server!

The package does contain the latest U-Broadcast version I could find (1.03) and is free for anyone to use. It works (tested) on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Seven. I do enjoy alot and I hope you like aswell!

You can download at my SkyDrive! or mirror.

Note about running U-Broadcast on Vista or Seven, you need to run U-Broadcast with admin rights. The Server does launch U-Broadcast when needed with elevated privileges and priority, setup the proper executable at Server Options.

The last detail about U-Broadcast is regarding Remote Desktop, when you log-in remotely and the main screen closes U-Broadcast stops broadcasting. I haven’t found a workaround yet.

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